The Biggest and Baddest of the Burds

Flee in Terror, Juicy Morsel!

The Aerie of Evil
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Think we're cute and fluffy? Assume that just because we've got feathers and fur and big soppy eyes that we couldn't kick your butt? HA. Gryphons are decidedly the superior and fiercer mythic beast, and we've been lurking in the shadows for TOO LONG! No more will we play second fiddle to the dragons - this is our time to shine!

Here we honor the ancient image of the gryphon as a creature of terror and might, an image long-lost and emasculated by modern culture. Ours is a tradition to be respected and feared, and it is one we shall celebrate and uphold to perpetuate for all those who desire to know truth.

This is for it all - art, stories, historical accounts, discussion, therianthropic experiences. You name it, we do it. Talk, draw, create, regale! Remember, of course, that corruption is your own fault, should such things begin to accrue.

Please note that the theme of this community, however, is not sexual in nature. For a community of that interest, please peruse gryphonerotica.

New members are asked to please post character descriptions here once their posting status has been approved.
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