..::Creating a shrine to the dark one,Toki::.. (yami_griffin) wrote in bad_gryphon,
..::Creating a shrine to the dark one,Toki::..

MTG deck

So I got it into my head to start a griffin deck... how this ties into bad griffins.. well just imagine them ripping apart some happless lil solders or elves ^_^

All cards are linked to Gatherer.com if your not familar with them

14 plains
4 griffin canyon

Mana Solutions
4 urza's incubator
2 tithe
2 marble diamond
2 wayfarer's bauble

griffin stereroids
2 glorious Anthem
2 shared triumph

4 disenchant
4 random creature removal (still working on what exactly, curently it's what I had lying around; 1 wing shards, 1 excise and 2 topple)

3 zuberi, golden feather
4 mtenda griffin
4 diving griffin
4 charmed griffin
2 mistmoon griffin
2 ekundu griffin
2 unyaro griffin
2 daraja griffin
deck total = 63

side board
2 wayfarer's bauble
2 marble diamonds
1 star compass
2 unyaro griffin
2 daraja griffin
2 aurora griffin
2 spotted griffin
2 wild griffin

it was running on 12 plains just fine, butI switched 2 marble diaminds out for plains becuase having to bring out the artifacts was slowing it down a bit. Manna production isn't an issue with the deck, it could be better, but nothing that will hose you in a game.
it takes on average, to turn 7 to deal leathal damage and it doesn't have a win condision.
those are the only problems with the deck.

is any one has sujestions, shoot
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